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The UK ICGC Prostate Cancer Analysis Network

The Project

The Cancer Research UK funded Prostate ICGC project was launched in 2011 with a view to analysing the genomes of 250 cancerous prostates in order to learn more about the molecular contribution to, and biomarkers of, the severity of the disease as well as adding to our knowledge of the biology and characterization of prostate cancer. Led out of The Royal Marsden, and ICR, the project was, from the outset, a collaboration between clinicians, biologists, pathologists and analysts (statisticians, epidemiologists, bioinformaticians, computational biologists etc.). Subsequent iterations of the project have seen more complex data sets being generated for the study cohort, with a corresponding increase in the complexity of required analyses. The project is part of several ecosystems of cancer sequencing projects including The PanProstate Cancer Group and ICGC-ARGO.

The Analysis Network

Over the lifetime of the project, there have naturally been changes within the analysis group, but the institutions currently involved include


Since 2023, the network has been supported by an Isaac Newton Institute network grant funded through the EPSRC.


The analysts in this network have contributed to several papers using data from the Cancer Research UK funded Prostate ICGC project including: